We would like to see an increase in both student participation and event attendance.  This is a great opportunity to have a lot of fun, to support your fellow musicians, and more support yourselves.  We are incentivizing some student action to help us recruit sponsors, which in turn raises money for the department.  Last year we raised over $5,000.  Our goal this year is $10,000.  We have been able to purchase timpani, a state of the art sound system for the band room, and music software.   We would like to further improve the department by getting new music stands to fit our growing numbers, save students money on our field trip this spring, and bring in professional musicians to do master classes with the kids.  

Students can pay for some or all of their trip to Fantastic Festivals this spring by soliciting sponsors for the annual FunkRaiser event.  25% of all money raised by each student, including purchasing tickets to attend FunkRaiser itself, will be allocated towards each individual student's trip.  

We are asking ALL students to try and recruit at least ONE sponsor of $100.  If everyone did that, we would raise $17,000 just like that.  


This video describes in everything very well and shows you where everything is and what you will need.  

We have tried to make this process as easy as possible for students.  That video covers everything.  Here is what you do in summarized text.  

  1. Visit the Business List compiled from the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce.   Put your name next to any business you plan to solicit a sponsorship from so other students don't duplicate the same work.  If you know of a business not listed that you would like to solicit from, just add them to the list.  
  2. Download the form "PRINT ME" in Sponsorship Packet folder.  These are what you will print and give to the sponsor.  The other two items are the Business List and a Student Tracking Slip that you will print and fill out before you hand everything in.  Mr. Mac will have a limited amount of hard copies available in school as well.  Bring a packet with you to the sponsor and give it to them.
  3. Solicit the sponsors you put your name next to by visiting their place of business (or calling), collect the checks, and turn in your tracking sheet with the checks.  You can also allow sponsors the opportunity to donate online by visiting this website (which will also be on the Sponsorship Form).   There will be a space on both the form and the online form for you to write in your name so you get credit for online donations as well.  However, it is better to try to close the deal in person before offering this option.  

The Sponsorship Packet will contain the following forms:

  • Sponsorship Form for the business to fill out
  • Sponsorship Tiers...this will tell the businesses what they will get in return for their donation.


You will turn in your permission slip and balance, sponsorship fundraising, and sponsorship money collected all at once.  Please turn in:

  • Filled out Sponsorship Forms
  • Collected checks
  • Student Tracking slip (in the Sponsorship Packet)
  • Permission slip
  • A personal check from you made out to RHS for any balance owed for your trip.  The trip costs $100.  25% of all money you are turning in can be deducted from the cost of the trip.  Example:  You raised and collected $200.  25% of that is $50.  Subtract the $50 from the trip cost of $100.  You only owe $50 for the trip.  Write a personal check made out to RHS for this amount.
  • Please put all of these things in an envelope clearly labeled with student name on outside.  

All forms and checks must be turned in by March 25 to apply to your trip costs.  This is an absolute cutoff.  The check for Fantastic Festivals has to go out postmarked the following day.